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PUBG Mobile : What are the advantages and disadvantages of PUBG Mobile ?

Advantage and Disadvantage of PUBG MOBILE

Advantage and Disadvantage of PUBG MOBILE

Hey Guys! Today , In this articles, I will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of Pubg Mobile. At the beginning , PUBG was only present in PC but when Tencent Gaming launch its mobile version, its popularity increases day to day . Every mobile company launch their gaming mobiles for playing pubg like Asus launch its rog , realme launch X50 pro and X2 and much more . Basically, we all want to experience these games(PUBG) in the best smartphones without any lag , heating or best performance devices.

Following a soft launch in Canada, an English version of Exhilarating Battlefield, localized simply as PUBG Mobile, was released worldwide on March 19, 2018.Now PUBG MOBILE cross 100 million downloads on google play store.

So here are the advantages and disadvantages of PUBG MOBILE.

Advantages of playing pubg mobile are

1.Multi tasking : In PUBG, you have to manage many controls at the same time as run, jump, shoot, hide etc and these things sharpen your mind to do you can manage many things in the real world too. This is one of the advantages of playing a PUBG.

2.Improve attention and focus : According to research, Gamers will do things very fast as their attention & focus are better.It makes your mind work little bit faster, that is your thinking ability increases when exposed to different situations.

3. Identify objects easily : Gaming can improve your vision a little bit better as you can spot little things and details which certain non gamers will not notice.

4. Connect to unknown people :As we know that PUBG MOBILE is a survival game and we want to compete against 100 players from word wide and last man standing and get virtual chicken dinner and you can chat with people in the game and make new friends. So PUBG is the great platform to connect with unknown players.

5. Improve Teamwork : Teamwork is an essential part in PUBG . Suppose , suddenly in game enemy team rushes on you or on your team then how you and your team manage that situation or defend, by playing pubg our ability of teamwork is increases.

6. Time pass : When you are getting bore or you have nothing to do, you can play PUBG with your friends and pass your time. It makes your mind fresh and keep you busy.

7. Career option:If you have great skills in pubg to kill enemy then you can choose pubg as a career option by streaming it on various video platforms like YouTube etc. Many YouTubers earn more than ₹25000 in a day some famous youtubers are Dynamo gaming , Mortal ,gtxpreet,cosmic gaming , alpha gaming ,carry is live .

8. Scanning power increases :When enemy is prone with wearing a ghillie suit in grass then spying player need more scanning power to spot a player . It depends upon how regular you are playing the game.

Disadvantages of playing pubg mobile are

1. Addiction : Addiction of pubg mobile is easily seen in children and in adult we know that it is survival game in which Last man win the match and get virtual chicken dinner . This theme is so interesting that everyone is wish to playing pubg again and again .This addiction of PUBG is create great impact on individual s health.

2. Waste of time : It is totally wastage of time one match of PUBG mobile is approximately 30 to 35 minutes and if player play 6 to 7 match then he or she waste his 4 to 5 hour of a day .

3. Weak eyesight : watching in the mobile/desktop screen for the long time, it can lead to the weakness of your eyes.

4. Effect individual’s mental health : Video Games(PUBG) are the most common reason for depression in many people.Sitting in one corner and playing PUBG for long hours can effect your mental and physical health. It can cause disease like back-ache, weakness and people become lazy,weakness of bones.

5. Decrease concentration in work : If you will addict this game then you will always start thinking about this game. If you have some work then you always complete that work as early as possible or quit that work and play the game. You never do perfectly work in hastiness.

6. Battery consumption of mobile : The most important drawback of the PUBG is that it consumes large amount battery which can affects the smartphone battery life.

7. Loading family and friends : If you will addict this game this will always get into the game and thinks about the game, then you have less interaction with family and friends. 8. Take your away from the world : As you start playing PUBG 4-5 hours continuously or daily . then the real world never comes in your mind. Your mind is always fulfilled with gameplay moments.This is also a disadvantage of playing pubg

-By Arya Tyagi

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